Aqa bismillah

Faizul Mawaid al Burhaniyah

The meaning of Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah is that "har ghar, har rowz, Aale Mohammed na thaal ni barakat nu jaman pohnche"

For mumineen's sahuliyat/convenience, we have established centers for tiffin pick-up in each major neighbourhood. Please note that you will have to pick up the tiffin from one of these centers. Please select the center that is closest to your residence while registering. Tiffin pick-up from these centers will be approximately between 8pm - 9pm. Please call the Center before leaving.

Center/Address Contact Name Phone No.
Jamali Markaz Taher bhai Dawoodi 917-545-3593
Rego Park/Forest Hills
98-30 67th ave
Husain bhai Bootwala 703-785-8370
Fresh Meadows
192-24C 64th Circle Apt#1A
Tayab Bhai Tayabali 718-526-1659
Bellerose/Floral Park
244-52 89th Avenue
Mustafa Bhai Balasinorwala 516-232-2351
Glen Oaks/Douglaston
81-53 259th St
M. Juzer Bhai Curim 718-406-3185
New Hyde Park (South)
41 Lewis Ave.
M. Yunus Bhai Gittham 516-385-1130
New Hyde Park (North)
11 Park East
M. Yusuf Bhai Poonawala 516-385-1819
54 Russell St
Murtaza bhai Tofafarosh 516-621-2640
16 Pierce St.
M. Khuzaima Fatehi 516-396-0142
114 1st Avenue
Shk Shabbir bhai Burhani 212-260-3626
10 Ridgeview Terrace
Elmsford, NY 10523
Yahya bhai Cherawala 630-788-7372

Mumineen can do a complete Faiz-ul-Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah thaali or Salawaat/Fateha Mithai on special occasions such as Warsis, Chehlum or for Mannats.

Please note the following guidelines if you wish to do thaali niyaaz/salawaat/fateha. Note that these guidelines are to make the entire process streamlined and efficient for Mumineen and the Faiz Committee.

1) Please obtain Raza of Aamil Saheb Janab Yusuf Bhaisaheb at least one week prior to the date you wish to do Thaali/Mithai.

2) Please contact Mustafa Bhai Balasinorwala ( to arrange for payment of Hub amount for Thaali/Mithai.

3) Once Hub has been paid, a member of Faiz-ul-Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah committee will contact you for further details such as menu for Thaali, type of Mithai you want for Salawaat/Fateha, Salawaat/Fateha Chitthi, etc.

4) The Thaali/Mithai will be organized two days after the Faiz-ul-Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah member contacts you. So please keep this in mind and plan accordingly especially if you want to do the Thaali/Mithai on a specific date.

5) Mumineen can also organize Salawaat/Fateha Mithai on their own.

6) In such cases, after obtaining Raza you are requested to contact Zulfikar bhai Taherali to get a count of the Thaalis for the day you intend to do the Salawaat/Fateha Mithai.

7) On that day, please deliver the Salawaat/Fateha Mithai packets to Jamali Markaz by 12pm. Please include your Salawaat/Fateha Chitthi in the packets. Note that the packets should be ready to be placed in the tiffins.

Please contact Zulfikar bhai Taherali if you have any questions or need additional information.



  • Zulfikar bhai Taherali
  • Mustafa Bhai Balasinorwala
  • M. Yunus Bhai Gittham
  • Taher bhai Dawoodi
  • Murtaza bhai Haweliwala