Aqa bismillah

Anjuman-e-Badri Qardan Hasana


The following process should be followed by individuals applying for Qardan.

  1. 1. Receive raza from Aamil Saheb (preferably in person)
  2. 2. Receive Jamaat Clearance Certificate from Jamaat's Secretarty or Treasurer.
  3. 3. Download and fill out the application form along with all the documents listed on the application to
  4. 4. Application will be reviewed at the committee meeting (which we plan on hosting once at the end of every month)

The Holy Quran mentions about Qardan Hasana in many verses. The Holy Quran encourages giving of Qardan Hasana(interest free loan) and promises multiple rewards to the giver in the following verses.

Verse 64-17 of The Holy Quran says "If you lend unto Allah Qardan Hasana ( a good loan – a loan without Interest), He will multiply it for you and He will forgive you, for Allah is the Most Appreciative , Most Forbearing"

Verse 57-11 of Quran says "Who is he that will lend unto Allah a good loan? For HE may increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have a generous reward".

Verse 73-20 of Quran says] "And perform Salaat and give Zakaat and lend unto Allah a good loan.

Nabi Mohammed Al-Mustafa(SAW) and his Wasi Amir al-Muminin, the Imams, the Doat Mutlaqeen and in particular the 52nd Dai al-Mutlaq, His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) has repeatedly encouraged, ordained, guided and advised his followers to abstain from interest and to give Qardan Hasana individually and through institutions. Qardan Hasana is an azeem nemat bestowed upon us by Allah Taala. It is the great ehsaan and karam of Aqa Moula TUS that mumineen today are receiving and giving Qardan Hasana and are rewarded manifold by the sawab of Duniya and Akherat.

Aqa Moula (TUS) bayaan mubarak

One who has received the bounties of Allah Taala, and he wishes for this benevolence to increase, it is incumbent upon him to give Qardan Hasana to his mumin brother in need. There is more sawab in giving Qardan Hasana than Sadaqa. The Quraan-e-majeed mentions Qardan Hasana in several places, in three different forms.

1) The first is to make you aware:
• 'Indeed those who have given Qardan Hasana to Allah taala, men as well as women, Allah taala has rewarded them manifold and granted them ajr-e-kareem.'
2) The second is in the form of a condition:
• 'If you give Qardan Hasana to Allah Taala, then He will reward you manifold and forgive your sins.' By giving Qardan Hasana your wealth will increase. Allah gives tenfold for one good deed, he may give seven hundred times if he wishes!
3) The third is a direct order from Allah taala:
• 'And pray Salaat and give Zakaat and give Qardan Hasana to Allah taala.'When you give Qardan hasana and the recipient does doa for you, this doa will be extremely beneficial for you and help you, especially in your time of need.

Mumineen mukhliseen! In giving you this directive, Allah taala is testing you: He has given you all you have; now He wishes to see if you are indeed being miserly with His bounties. He is not in need of your wealth, for He is the master of all the universe, He wishes to gauge who amongst you comes forth with good deeds. It is imperative upon all mumineen to obey this directive of Allah taala, and I first take it upon myself to give Qardan Hasana, and I am conveying this directive to all mumineen to give Qardan Hasana and receive ajr-e-azeem. My intentions are that mumineen are protected from the perils and trap of interest, as I am your Bawa Shafiq, and my Moula Imam uz zamaan SA has entrusted your wellbeing into my hands, and that following my example, mumineen will give Qardan Hasana generously to those in need, at the institutional level as well as individual level.”

Aqa Moula TUS has bestowed vast amounts in Qardan Hasana schemes across Aalam-e-imaan. During the noorani safar mubarak of USA in 2004 and also in 2005, Aqa Moula TUS granted large endowments to jamaats where He visited, and granted Burhani Qardan Hasana America a very large sum, which benefits mumineen throughout America. Mumineen are indeed blessed to be surrounded by this cushion of nemat and saadat, and are regularly obtaining Qardan Hasana for their various needs from Burhani Qardan Hasana.




  1. In order to submit a new Qardan Hasanah application please contact:
    • Abbas Bhai Abuwala -
    • Shabbir Bhai Adib -
  2. For Rehan Management please contact Hasan Bhai Hassuji -
  3. For withdrawal of your current deposit or any changes to your monthly deposit please email