Ejamaat  (ITS52)

The eJamaat portal can be accessed at www.its52.com. It is recommended that you log on frequently and update your details as and when needed.

If you have forgotten your eJamaat password, visit www.its52.com website and click on the "Forgot your Password" link. The new password will be emailed to you.

If your ejamaat email address has changed and you are not able to retrieve your password, email Adnan bhai Rangwala with your Full Name, eJamaat Number and the correct email address which you would like to use.

If you have NEVER had a ejamaat number in any jamaat, please complete the following and hand it over to Shabbir bhai Ezzi or Adnan bhai Rangwala.

One form must be completed for each member you are applying for

Download Registration Form.

Submit a 1 inch by 1 inch photograph in LIBAAS UL-ANWAR.

Janab  Aamil saheb will approve and sign the request applications and forms. We then send the complete application to Badri Mahal in Mumbai, India. The registration and issuance of cards is done at the main office there. Once the cards are ready, we will arrange to have them picked up and delivered to the Jamaat office here. Once the cards arrive, we will send out a notification and ask that you pick them up during Jamaat events at the markaz.

If you are transferring to New York, have your old jamaat transfer each member OUT to New York Jamaat. Once that is complete, please complete new member registration form at http://www.nyjamaat.org/registration.aspx and notify Janaab Aamilsaheb for Raza to be included in New York Jamaat along with your transfer out raza letter.

If you are leaving New York permanently, please inform from the Jamaat Secretary, Mulla Aliasgar bhai Dhoon. He will clear the transfer and you should take that letter to Janab Aamilsaheb, after which you will be transferred out to the jamaat you are moving to.


  1. Photo should be strictly in QUAMI LIBAS (kurta, saya & topi / rida).
  2. Photo should be taken with GREY background only.
  3. Photo should cover 85% of HEAD (A colored photo include full face, front view, open eyes, and should be in the CENTER OF THE FRAME and face the camera directly).
  4. Size 25 X 30 mm with a resolution 300 DPI (dots per inch and above) and Photo Size should be upto 70 KB Max.
  5. Scanned photo is not allowed only DIGITAL PHOTO will be allowed.
  6. Gents should wear only TOPI even if they are mashaik (NO Paghari / Feta is allowed).
  7. No flash shadow should appear in the photo.
  8. If mumin bhai / ben are wearing spectacle, then there should be NO FLASH REFLECTION.
  9. There is no stamp, staple or signature mark on the photo.
  10. Photo should be in ambient light.
  11. Color of the kurta & saya / rida should not be GREY or GOLDEN.
  12. Digitally altered photo is not acceptable.

Please note that NO MUMINEEN should have more than ONE EJAMAAT ID ISSUED TO HIM OR HER.

Anjuman-e-Badri is a non-profit organization administering and managing the affairs of the Dawoodi Bohra Community in New York and Connecticut, USA
131-24 Springfield Boulevard, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 Web:http://www.nyjamaat.org Email: info@nyjamaat.org